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About Us

Our goal at To The Limit Maths is to make the art of mathematics and problem solving approachable and enjoyable to all.

Interested in improving your math skills?

To The Limit Maths is a mathematics 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that tutors students and hosts contests with a community of over 500 members passionate about studying and teaching math.

As math is essential in everyday life, while being basis for most other subjects, it's critical to learn and understand it – establishing a solid math foundation acts as a catalyst to for a plethora of other topics, as well.

We believe that every student – in elementary, middle, & high school – should have access to a free and impactful education, and aim to enrich a society of young problem solvers across the globe.

We supplement your current math knowledge, providing free tutoring for math subjects up to AP® Calculus BC, with tutors that have competed up to the USAMO, along with competitive math competitions that to help prepare for the American Math Competition and Mathcounts.

Our Mission

Our goal at To The Limit Maths is to make the art of mathematics and problem solving approachable and enjoyable to all. We believe students should both learn and have fun while problem solving.

What We Offer

Lessons by the book

We have hand made lessons, lectures, and more built by us using our resources and official mathematics textbooks.

Math Tutoring

Currently, we offer math tutoring for all elementary, middle, and some high school subjects. to become a tutor.

Hand-Crafted Curriculums

While we do try to follow a set curriculum, we also provide diagnostics to modify it, allowing us to provide personalized curriculum made for each student.

All Online

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our tutoring sessions are digital! We teach through applications that best work for you, including Zoom, Discord, and more.

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Join As A Student!

We offer free one on one tutoring for any subject up to AP Calculus BC, including competitive math competitions such as the AMC 8, AMC 10, and Mathcounts. Every student will be paired with a well-qualified tutor and given a custom made lesson. Our students have all shown increased grades in school, as well as increases in competition scores.

Volunteer with Us!

If you wish to spread your knowledge of math toward the community, helping out students in need, sign up as a tutor! We don't require tutors to necessarily be math prodigies, and as long as you are comfortable teaching elementary level math, you are welcome to join! We give a variety of benefits, including giving volunteer hours for all your work done.


Reviews from students who have been tutored!

"My tutor was nice, and taught all the required subjects very well. He often checked in on whether I understood and gave a lot of practice problems."

"I was taught the AMC 8, where I saw huge improvements before and after being tutored. I learned a lot while enjoying math, and would recommend others to learn here."

"My tutor was amazing and very friendly. If I ever need extra help I would definitely sign up again, and recommend others to sign up too."

Frequently Asked Questions

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