Project Infinity

Bridging the worlds of Neurodiversity and Mathematics

To The Limit presents Project: Infinity, a new approach to expanding the world of mathematics to neurodivergent individuals. Infinity is a directive driven to eliminate the barriers between the inaccessibility towards learning both advanced and fundamental math concepts, especially towards unique learners.

Lessons by the book

All curriculum is reused and improved from our previous lessons & lectures, through official math textbooks and verified therapy activities.

Trained Tutors

Tutors apart of this project are all trained to work with specific neurodivergent individuals. Read below to tutor.

Custom learning

While we primarily work with learners with autism, we tailor our curriculum and resources to help most students. Read below to sign up.


Our approach to teaching involves making content approachable and tailored to every student, to make every session enjoyable & educating.

Tutor Sign Up

Interested in tutoring neurodivergent students for Project: Infinity? Please sign up on our and mark yes to the question asking to join this Project. If you are a current tutor please do not sign up again, and instead contact me at or my discord. Thank you!

Student Sign Up

Please note that due to limited positions and accommodations teaching online, you are required to be comfortable with virtual meetings. Infinity offers tutors from Algebra to Pre-Calculus and primarily works with learners with autism, but anyone may join! Please Be sure to to get tutored and contact me for questions.